Anand Sethuraman is InvestCraft’s founder, chief investment officer and registered investment advisor. He has thirty plus years of investing experience, has managed and founded a private hedge fund and holds a Series 65 license and is registered with FINRA.

Anand has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern University and JD from Notre Dame Law School. He is a patent attorney registered with the USPTO and a member of the California Bar and has 25 years of legal professional experience in a variety of areas.

He was recently General Counsel for a startup in robotic surgery, Verb Surgical Inc., which has since been acquired by Johnson & Johnson. Prior to that, for ten years, he was an IP attorney for Apple helping with the iPhone platform. This unique background means being able to perform outstanding research, understand companies, technologies and business models in a variety of industries.

A lifelong passion for investing and for helping friends and companies with sound, practical and trusted advice led him here. Let him help you with your investments and help you and your family reach their goals! He can reached at